Parks & Recreation Commission


  • 7:00 PM
  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Council Chamber
    776 NE 125 Street
    2nd Floor
    North Miami, FL 33161


MemberAppointed ByAppointedTerm Ending
VacantMayor Bien-AimeN/AN/A
VacantMayor Bien-AimeN/AN/A
Rachel GoldbergCouncilman Galvin10-07-201905-23-2023
Robin TisdahlCouncilman Galvin01-28-202005-23-2023
VacantCouncilwoman TimotheN/AN/A
VacantCouncilwoman TimotheN/AN/A
Louis PresumeCouncilwoman Estimé-Irvin08-24-202105-27-2025
VacantCouncilwoman Estimé-IrvinN/AN/A
Evens HenryCouncilman Desulme10-07-201905-23-2023
VacantCouncilman DesulmeN/AN/A

Member Information

  1. There is hereby created and established the North Miami Parks and Recreation Commission consisting of ten (I 0) members who shall be appointed by the city council and shall hold office at the pleasure of the city council. 
  2. The term of commission members shall be coterminous with the appointing elected official’s term of office 
  3. The parks and recreation commission shall elect from within the commission a chairperson, who shall be the presiding member; a vice chairperson, who shall preside in the absence or disqualification of the chairperson; a parliamentarian; and a secretary who may be an officer or employee of the city.
  4. A vote by the majority of the city council shall be required to remove a commission member. 

Appointment of members; terms of office; officers; removal; organization.
Each member of the city council shall appoint two (2) members of the parks and recreation commission. 

Sec. 2-188. Meetings; quorum; public hearings; notice; procedure at hearings and meetings. 

  1. The ten (I 0) members of the parks and recreation commission shall transact the business of the commission with six (6) members constituting a quorum.
  2. The parks and recreation commission shall meet at least one each month minimum of ten (I 0) times per calendar year. The commission will meet regularly on the first Thursday of each month. The meeting dates may be set and amended as deemed necessary by the chairperson and the director of the parks and recreation department. The parks and recreation commission.

About the Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission, established by Ordinance 985 on December 9, 1997; amended by Ordinance 1369 on April 8, 2014; makes recommendations for the ongoing maintenance and development of the City’s parks and recreation services.