Planning Commission


  • 7:00 PM
  • 1st Tuesday of every month
  • Council Chambers
    776 NE 125 Street
    2nd Floor
    North Miami, FL 33161

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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MembersAppointed byTerm StartTerm Ending
Hector MedinaMayor Bien-Aime06-22-202105-23-2023
Kenneth EachCouncilman Galvin08-25-202005-23-2023
Mark W. Bobb, Esq.Councilwoman Timothe11-23-202105-27-2025
Naomi BlemurCouncilwoman Estimé-Irvin06-22-202105-27-2025
Charles ErnstCouncilman Desulme06-25-201905-23-2023
Edwidge ClarkAt-Large08-24-202105-23-2023
Michael McDearmaidAt-Large07-13-202105-23-2023
Dr. Robert BesenAlternate11-24-202005-23-2023

Member Information

  1. The Planning Commission shall be composed of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates. The members shall be appointed by a majority of the City Council.
  2. Each member shall be a resident of the City and shall not hold any other elected public office or city employment within the City during the term of such appointment. Any member who ceases to reside within the city limits during the term of office shall be deemed to have resigned as of the date of moving from the City. No member or alternate shall serve if that person is obligated to the city for any recorded lien, fine, judgment or if there is a code enforcement violation against the member which has remained unresolved for sixty (60) days or more, without an appeal being taken by the member.
  3. The term of those board members appointed by the individual city council members shall be conterminous with the appointing elected official's term of office. The term of those board members appointed by the city council as a whole shall be coterminous with the Mayor's term of office.  

View Ordinance Number 1370 (PDF).

About the Commission

The Planning Commission, established by Resolution 1342 on May 27, 1969; Ordinance 973 on September 9, 1997; Ordinance 1137 (PDF) on June 10, 2003; and Ordinance 1288 on November 10, 2009; makes recommendations regarding the development of a comprehensive master plan for the City covering such topics as:

  • Future land use
  • Public facilities:
    • Parks
    • Playgrounds
    • Schools
  • Public utilities
  • Traffic circulation and roads
  • Transportation

Powers & Duties

The Planning Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Conduct public hearings in connection with the study of future plans and include the results of such public hearings in its recommendations to the City Council on proposed plans
  • Conduct public hearings regarding proposed planned development and conditional uses and make recommendations thereon to the City Council
  • Continually plan for the progress and growth of the City with respect to capital projects and local improvements, as these terms are defined in Sections 58 and 111 of the City Charter; assist the City Manager and the Director of Community Planning and Development Department in preparing the capital improvements portion of the annual budget, as contemplated in Section 46 of the Charter; and from time to time, recommend to the City Council such legislation as may be deemed appropriate to carry out such plans as the Commission may decide
  • Continually plan for the progress and growth of the City with respect to properly regulating the height, number of stories and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of a lot that may be occupied, the size of yards, courts and other open spaces, the density of population and the location and use of buildings, structures, and land and water for trade, industry, residence or other purposes, and from time to time recommend to the City Council such legislation as may be deemed appropriate to carry out such plans
  • Prepare and recommend to the City Council land use regulations for implementation of the Comprehensive Master Plan
  • Review and study potential and existing areas of distress and decay and recommend action with respect to urban renewal or rehabilitation; institute a program of education covering ways and means to avoid the decay of a neighborhood, and study and recommend zoning changes to effect the improvement of a neighborhood
  • Whenever any amendment, supplement, change or repeal of existing zoning districts or classification of the Official Zoning Map is proposed, the Planning Commission shall conduct a public hearing and make recommendations to the City Council, as provided by Article 3.Prepare and recommend to the City Council a Comprehensive Master Plan for the welfare, economic, and physical development of all areas within the City

2022 Planning Commission Timeline

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Important Dates & Deadlines

May 3, 2022

June 7, 2022

Submittal Deadline: 02/23/2022
Titles: 03/16/2022
Staff Reports: 03/30/2022
City Manager: 04/08/2022
Final Package: 04/13/2022
Publishing: 04/18/2022
Advertisement: 04/22/2022
Package Delivery: 04/26/2022
Submittal Deadline: 03/23/2022
Titles: 04/13/2022
Staff Reports: 04/27/2022
City Manager: 05/06/2022
Final Package: 05/11/2022
Publishing: 05/16/2022
Advertisement: 05/20/2022
Package Delivery: 05/24/2022

July 5, 2022

August 2, 2022 (Potential leave)

Submittal Deadline: 04/27/2022
Titles: 05/18/2022
Staff Reports: 06/01/2022
City Manager: 06/10/2022
Final Package: 06/15/2022
Publishing: 06/20/2022
Advertisement: 06/24/2022
Package Delivery: 06/28/2022
Submittal Deadline: 05/25/2022
Titles: 06/15/2022
Staff Reports: 06/29/2022
City Manager: 07/08/2022
Final Package:07/13/2022
Publishing: 07/18/2022
Advertisement: 07/22/2022
Package Delivery: 07/26/2022

September 6, 2022

October 4, 2022

Submittal Deadline: 06/29/2022
Titles: 07/20/2022
Staff Reports: 08/03/2022
City Manager: 08/12/2022
Final Package: 08/17/2022
Publishing: 08/22/2022
Advertisement: 08/26/2022
Package Delivery: 08/30/2022
Submittal Deadline: 07/27/2022
Titles: 08/17/2022
Staff Reports: 08/31/2022
City Manager: 09/09/2022
Final Package: 09/14/2022
Publishing: 09/19/2022
Advertisement: 09/23/2022
Package Delivery: 09/27/2022

November 1, 2022

December 6, 2022

Submittal Deadline: 08/31/2022
Titles: 09/21/2022
Staff Reports: 10/05/2022
City Manager: 10/14/2022
Final Package: 10/19/2022
Publishing: 10/24/2022
Advertisement: 10/28/2022
Package Delivery: 11/01/2022
Submittal Deadline: 09/28/2022
Titles: 10/19/2022
Staff Reports: 11/02/2022
City Manager: 11/11/2022
Final Package: 11/16/2022
Publishing: 11/18/2022
Advertisement: 11/25/2022
Package Delivery: 11/29/2022