May 2019

Officer Bernadeau

Officer Alens Bernadeau

On May 13th, 2019, Officer Bernadeau was on routine patrol when he observed a vehicle driving backwards against traffic. Officer Bernadeau quickly recognized the grave danger this driver created and took immediate action to avoid a traffic crash. Officer Bernadeau attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle that was being driven in a reckless manner. When the driver observed Officer Bernadeau, he immediately stopped the vehicle in traffic and drove in the opposite direction. Officer Bernadeau followed the vehicle and calmly advised over the police radio of what had just occurred. The vehicle traveled a few blocks into an alleyway, where the vehicle came to a brief stop and three occupants bailed out.

Officer Bernadeau advised of the suspect’s description and their direction of travel over the police radio. Backup officers saturated the area to assist in locating the suspects. The driver and one of the passengers were quickly located due to Officer Bernadeau’s quick and accurate dissemination of information and identification.

Further investigation revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Miami-Dade County, two days prior. A records check of the driver revealed that he was wanted for questioning in connection to an aggravated battery investigation with the Miami-Dade Police Department. A records check of the passenger revealed that he was wanted for sexual battery on a minor.

Officer Bernadeau should be commended for his quick thinking, and his ability to respond in such a poised manner to a dynamic situation. Officer Bernadeau’s actions prevented a potential crash, led to the apprehension of two wanted suspects, and the recovery of a stolen vehicle.