November 2022

Officer Dinsdale Jackson
Officer Adam Burden III

On November 4, 2022, Officers Jackson and Burden responded to 13210 Memorial Highway in reference to a male observed casing the parking lot and looking inside parked vehicles. Upon arrival, officers strategically began searching the parking lot looking for the person in question. As they approached the Northwest corner of the lot, officers heard a loud bang coming from a pitch-black area. They quickly illuminated the area with their flashlights and noticed an Infiniti parked with its right rear passenger door completely removed and lying on the ground. There was also a suspicious Chrysler parked directly in front of it. 

Officers Jackson and Burden tactically navigated through the pitch-black area to check the Infiniti for persons inside. Officer Burden immediately turned his attention to the Chrysler and observed a male crouching in the driver's seat, attempting to conceal himself from the police. All officers quickly approached the suspect inside the vehicle and safely detained him for questioning. The suspect was read Miranda Warnings and given the opportunity to dispel the officers’ alarm. During the investigation, Officer Burden spotted power tools inside the suspect’s vehicle and a screwdriver on the driver's side floorboard, further adding to their suspicions. 

 The suspect was nervous during questioning and provided inconsistent statements about his reason for being in the area. The officers ran the license plate on the suspect’s vehicle, and it revealed that the vehicle was previously stolen from Miami-Dade County’s jurisdiction. The officers were concerned for the abandoned Infiniti and believed there was more to this story. They requested another agency to conduct a locate and notify to ascertain if the registered owner knew the whereabouts of her vehicle. The assisting agency advised the owner was completely unaware her Infiniti was stolen from the driveway of her home in Broward County. Additionally, the suspect's vehicle contained burglary tools, and several stolen license plates. The suspect was also in possession of several Infiniti key fobs and an RFID Relay Attack Device, commonly used to remotely steal vehicles and clone key fobs. 

 Officers Jackson and Burden took swift decisive action, leaving no stone unturned. The criminal who preyed on the innocent as they slept at night, is now off the streets and in jail.