June 2022

Officer Nickerline Montina

On May 19th, 2022, at approximately 1455 hours, Officer Montina was dispatched to an alarm call at 685 NE 126 ST. While exiting the listed address, Officer Montina heard multiple gunshots in the area within close proximity of her location. She then looked in an eastern direction and observed a heavy set male armed with an AR-15 style rifle, shooting his weapon in the direction of an apartment building. Officer Montina quickly advised of her observation over the police radio and without hesitation, proceeded in the direction of the subject, who was still actively shooting the rifle.

The subject noticed Officer Montina’s presence, dropped his weapon and fled on foot. He then quickly doubled-backed, picked up the rifle, re-arming himself. Officer Montina advised of the additional developments over the police radio, and a perimeter was quickly established in order to contain the violent subject. Shortly after the perimeter was established, the male in question was located near a residence and taken into custody. The subject was subsequently arrested and charged with Discharging a Firearm in Public, and Shooting/Throwing a Deadly Missile into a Dwelling/Vehicle. Numerous spent casings were found on the roadway and an AR-15 style weapon was found, near the surroundings of the residence.   

Courage is a core value of the North Miami Police Department and Officer Montina embodied this value and made a Positive Impact within our community.