Inspection schedule by trade

Mechanical inspections are done M, W, F only 9 to 12
Electrical inspections are done Monday thru Friday  9 to 12
Roofing inspections are done Monday thru Thursday 9 to 12
For Plumbing and Building inspections, check the inspections daily schedule (above) for a time window.

We no longer accept inspections request by phone.


If there are special instructions related to your inspection, please make sure to provide the information and a contact number when requesting your inspection. This information will appear on the inspector's daily worksheet.

Please note that the Building Inspection Schedule is posted after 5:00 PM the day before the inspection. Cancellation of the inspection must be requested before 8:30 AM on the day of the inspection and all schedule changes will be updated by 9:00 AM. Otherwise the inspection will be considered a failed inspection, and re-inspection fees may be assessed if the same inspection type has twice failed. To cancel an inspection, call 305-895-9820, or send an email message before 8:00 AM on the day of the inspection.

Customers can request an inspection in three different ways.

  1. Using our E-Services Portal, on the portal you can request for inspections, pay do fees, see inspections results, and more.
    on the portal you can select when the inspection will be schedule. Please note that we only allow request 48 hours in advance.
    for help using the portal, please visit our step by step guide.
  2. By Emailing to, please make sure you include your permit number, contact name, contact phone number, and type of inspection requested.  missing any of this information may delay your request. You will receive an Email when the inspection is scheduled.
  3. By using the QLess app from your APP store or, by filing the form below. You will receive a text when the inspection is scheduled. You need to fill one per permit number, on the Inspection Type box, please enter all inspections requested separated with a dash.