Driveway Permit Application

Applying for a Permit


Apply online by visiting E-Portal site (coming soon)

In Person

Visit the Building Department located at:
12340 NE 8 Avenue, North Miami, FL 33161
Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Bring the following documents:

  • Completed Driveway Permit Application and Owner/Builder Affidavit (if applicable).
  • Two copies of the survey of the property, indicating where the driveway is to be located (see illustration sample bellow).
  • Completed Application for Engineering Permit for work within a Public Right‐of‐Way (Required for new or replacement of approaches).
  • All drawings must include dimensions and indicate both side‐yard setbacks. All markings/shadings must be in ink.
  • All plans must conform to the City’s Land Development Regulations CH 29 of the City of North Miami Code of Ordinances.

North Miami Code of Ordinances

Chapter 17 – Streets and Sidewalks

Article III. Sidewalks

Sec. 17-50. Sidewalk construction mandatory.

(a) New subdivisions. Unless specifically waived by the city council in the resolution accepting and approving any particular plat, all persons, firms or corporations submitting any plat to the planning and planning commission for the subsequent acceptance and approval of the city council shall accompany such proposed plat with an agreement providing for the construction of sidewalks along the full length of all streets shown thereon. All sidewalks shall be included in the dedicatory provision set forth on the plat or in any separate dedicatory instrument to be filed therewith. Such agreement shall be accompanied by a surety bond in the penal sum of not less than one hundred ten (110) percent of the estimated cost of such construction. The agreement and bond shall be on forms approved by the city engineers and furnished by the city clerk. The condition of the bond shall be such that if the principal shall fully and faithfully perform all the terms and conditions of the principal’s agreement and within the time therein specified, then same shall be void, otherwise the city shall have the right to construct such sidewalks, or, at its option, to cause the same to be constructed pursuant to public advertisement and receipt and acceptance of bids. The principal and surety jointly and severally shall agree to pay and indemnify the city, upon completion by the city, the final total cost of such construction, including, but not limited to, engineering, legal and contingent costs together with any damages, either direct or consequential, which the city may sustain on account of the failure of the principal to comply with the terms of such agreement. The agreement shall provide for the construction of sidewalks within six (6) months from and after the date of the approval of any such plat by the city council; provided, however, that the city council may, in case of unusual circumstances, extend the time for completion of such construction for not to exceed an additional six (6) months; provided, the principal first obtains and furnishes the city council with the surety’s written consent to such extension. The agreement and performance bond for construction of sidewalks required by this section may be combined with the agreement and performance bond for construction of streets, alleys and other rights-of-way required by article I of this chapter.

(b) Old subdivisions. In old subdivisions or tracts of land not subdivided, no permit shall be issued for any construction in excess of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) unless and until the person, firm or corporation applying for the permit agrees to repair any unsafe sidewalk or, where no sidewalk exists, agrees to construct a sidewalk for the full footage abutting the public right-of-way, except alleys, as part of the permit sought or by entering into an agreement with the city providing for construction thereof except as to properties located in a block where sidewalks do not exist or are exempted by the city council after a public hearing. At corner lots or tracts such agreement shall require construction of a sidewalk along both thoroughfares abutting such corner lot or tract for which the permit is sought. The agreement shall provide, among other things, that before a certificate of occupancy will be issued, construction of the sidewalk shall be completed in accordance with the city specifications and in accordance with plans approved by the city engineer. Upon application of the owner of the property the council, in its sole discretion and for good cause shown, may authorized the issuance of a certificate of occupancy without construction and completion of such sidewalk upon the condition that the owner shall execute and deliver to the city clerk an agreement (together with the deposit as referred to therein and an amount sufficient to pay the cost of its recording)

Per Land Development Regulations CH. 29, Article 5, Division 14 Sec. 5‐1401 of the City Code of Ordinances

Driveways and parking areas shall be composed of asphalt, pavers, permeable structured grass or concrete and not gravel or concrete strips. No driveway may be located closer than 15 ft. to a corner property. All driveways shall be constructed in  accordance with the engineering standards of the Public Works Department. Driveways and driveway approaches require a Building Permit prior to construction.

The following diagrams are samples for guidance.