Online Permitting Guidelines

Email the permit application, plans and all relevant information to

                         *Do NOT apply for permits directly on the E-Services portal*

Turn around time for processing is 24 to 48 business hours.

All documents must be in pdf format. 

Documents must be a direct attachment in the email. We will not download from a link. 

Documents must be clearly labeled as to what they contain (permit applications, plans, special inspector form, state license, liability insurance, survey, elevation certificate, etc.) 

Owner builder is not eligible for online permitting. 

Additions and new construction are not eligible for online permitting.

Permit applications must be complete, legible, and notarized. Estimated job cost, contact information, work description, contractor name and contact information MUST be filled out. 

Just like in person submittals, proof of ownership is required. We will need a recorded warranty deed if the owner’s name does not match Miami Dade property appraiser records. We will need official LLC paperwork showing the owner is an authorized agent of the LLC if the property is owned by an LLC. You will need to provide power of attorney as well, if required.