False Alarm Reduction Program

City Ordinance No. 1317 requires that all homes and businesses register their alarm. False alarms divert emergency resources away from true emergencies, are a nuisance to the community, make your security system less reliable, and cost you and your community money.

Did You Know?

Three main causes of false alarms are:

  1. User Error
  2. Installation or Service Error
  3. Equipment Failure

More than 80% of all false alarms are caused by user error.

Registering Your Alarm is Easy and Convenient!Person in hoodie holding a crowbar looking into a window

Online Registration

You can register online and it only costs $25. Annual Registration is required. Failure to register or renew your registration is a $100 violation in addition to the $25 registration fee.

Visit the False Alarm Reduction Website, and click on "New Alarm Users." Once you successfully register your alarm for the year, you can pay your registration fee online or mail in the payment.

Mail Your Registration

Or, you can complete and send the attached False Alarm Registration Form (PDF).

Mail your registration payment for your alarm to:
North Miami False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 864764
Orlando, Florida 32886-4764


Log onto the North Miami False Alarm Registration website or call 1-877-665-2987.