How to Prepare for a Hearing

  • I have received a Notice to Appear. What do I do now?
    Upon receiving a Notice to Appear, contact your Neighborhood Services Officer to inquire about how to come into compliance with the violation.
  • Do I need Power of Attorney?
    Per Section 21-4, Violator means a person or entity responsible for a violation of the code. The current owner of the property is responsible for the violation in addition to any other party who has possession of the property or who may have actually caused the violation, even if a prior owner or an unknown third party caused the violation. The special magistrate may find the landlord as well as the tenant responsible for a violation. A condominium association shall be responsible for any violation affecting the common elements of the condominium in addition to any other party who may have actually caused the violation.
    Any person who is not a violator as defined above, but wishes to testify in lieu of the alleged violator of a property, must obtain a notarized power of attorney or notarized affidavit prior to attending any Code Enforcement proceedings on the property
    Florida Limited Power of Attorney (PDF)
  • How do I submit evidence?
    To submit evidence for a virtual hearing, please fill out the Submission of Evidence form.
  • What is an acceptable form of evidence?
    Provide photos with date stamp and time showing compliance, provide copies of permits and other documents supporting your case.
    Examples: Pictures of painted property, Copy of issued permit, Documentation from your insurance company. Please submit a notarized Power of Attorney if you are presenting on behalf of the property owner. Power of Attorney can be obtained from an attorney.
  • I have been found guilty. What do I do now?
    Consult with your area’s Neighborhood Services Officer for steps to bring listed violation into compliance.
  • I have complied with the violation. What’s next?
    Make contact with your Neighborhood Services Officer so that they may re-inspect the property, take photos and close the case.