August 2023

Officer of the Month August 2023 

Sergeant DeJesus

Sergeant Ramon DeJesus

The North Miami Police Depattment's "Officer of the Month" for August 2023 is Sergeant Ramon DeJesus. He is assigned to the Afternoon Shift, Uniform Patrol Section. He is being recognized for his outstanding performance for the following incident: 

On July 22nd, 2023, units were dispatched to 13285 NE 6th Avenue, in reference to a 13-year old male attempting to jump out of a 4th floor window. The male had called 911 and stated that he wanted to kill himself because he had his mother arrested earlier in the day and was informing the dispatcher that he did not want to live anymore. Being that he was present for the earlier call and was close to the location, Sergeant DeJesus quickly changed his course of travel and headed towards the apartment complex. Additionally, he raised the dispatched officers and gave them the juveniles name and clothing description. 

As the first arriving unit on scene, Sergeant DeJesus took immediate action and headed up to the fourth floor. As he was looking for open windows, he found the juvenile at the end of a long hallway, with more than half of his body hanging out of the window yelling and screaming. Sergeant DeJ esus began to engage the juvenile in a calming and empathetic manner, despite the high-stress nature of the situation, playing a pivotal role in establishing trust and rapport with the distressed juvenile. 

Through his remarkable efforts, Sergeant DeJesus was able to successfully come within arm's reach and grabbed the juvenile, pulling him to safety; ultimately preventing a tragedy from unfolding before his eyes. Sergeant DeJesus continued to talk to the juvenile in a calm, sympathetic manner until other units arrived. As a result, the juvenile was not harmed and was transported to the hospital to receive the necessary care that he needed. Sergeant DeJ esus' quick response, professionalism, and genuine concern for the juvenile's welfare were nothing sh01t of extraordinary. The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated, and it required someone with not only the necessary skills but also the empathy and compassion to handle it effectively. 

This incident highlights not only Sergeant DeJesus' exemplary skills in crisis intervention but also his unwavering dedication to serving and protecting the community. Sergeant DeJesus demonstrated the type of commitment that defines an outstanding law enforcement officer, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety and well-being of others. 

The 13-year-old is alive today because of Sergeant DeJesus' quick thinking, fast response, and Courage. This incident displays Sergeant DeJesus' unwavering commitment to "Making a Positive Impact". Sergeant DeJesus should be commended for his alert actions, Professionalism, and dedication.