July 2023

Officer of the Month July 2023

Officer Brandon Orozco

Officer Brandon Orozco

The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month” for July 2023 is Officer Brandon Orozco. He is assigned to the Afternoon Shift, Uniform Patrol Section. He is being recognized for his outstanding performance for the following incident:

On July 21, 2023 at approximately 1905 hours, Officer Orozco, along with backup officers, were dispatched to a priority call in reference to a male that was standing in front of a residence next to a gray Kia, waving a gun in the air and pointing it at residents. All officers immediately recognized the location of dispatch, as a known residence of gang activity and a constant source of quality of life issues for the residents. Officer Orozco communicated with his back-up officers and devised a plan for a tactical approach to the residence. As Officer Orozco approached the residence, he observed the gray Kia that matched the description as provided by dispatch, attempting to leave the scene. Officer Orozco also observed that all of the vehicle’s windows, including the windshield, were completely tinted, which violated numerous traffic laws. Officer Orozco relying on his training and experience, immediately coordinated a felony traffic stop on the vehicle, with the assistance of the back-up officers. 

Once the vehicle was stopped, the driver was ordered to exit the vehicle. As the driver exited, Officer Orozco immediately observed a semi-automatic firearm on the driver’s floorboard readily available to the driver and passenger. Officer Orozco immediately alerted all of his back-up officers to the presence of the firearm. Once the driver was secured, the front seat passenger was ordered to exit the vehicle and was secured. Officers then tactically approached the vehicle and cleared the vehicle of any other subjects. Once the vehicle was cleared, the investigation continued for all four officers. Once the firearm from the floorboard was secured, officers began a systematic and methodical search of the vehicle. The search revealed another fully loaded semi-automatic firearm, located in the vehicle’s glove compartment, readily accessible to the driver and passenger. The search continued and two more fully loaded semi-automatic firearms were located in the trunk of the vehicle. All firearms were secured and impounded. Both occupants of the vehicle could not provide any information about the owners of the firearms or the vehicle. 

A records check revealed that the driver never obtained any form of government identification, had no valid driver’s license, and was not the registered owner of the vehicle. Officer Orozco’s ability to quickly coordinate his back-up officers, to work together as a Team, along with their quick action and Courage, stopped a vehicle of armed subjects from potentially committing serious crimes against the citizens and families of North Miami. The driver was subsequently arrested and charged with Possession of a Concealed Firearm and No Valid Driver’s License. 

I am proud to recognize the Professionalism, Unity, and Integrity that Officer Orozco exhibited during this incident. These core values of the Department were demonstrated as he conducted this investigation. His actions “Make a Positive Impact” on the City of North Miami.