April 2023

Officer of the Month April, 2023

Detective Rocio Torres

Sergeant Rocio Torres

The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month” for April 2023 is Det. Sergeant Rocio Torres. She is currently assigned to the General Investigative Section. Det. Sergeant Rocio Torres is commended for her continuous and exceptional contributions to the North Miami Police Department, to include her assistance with the Department's 2nd Annual Autism Awareness and Acceptance Police Caravan, Guardian Program, and related training.

Det. Sergeant Torres’ involvement and dedication at the inception of the caravan plan was unwavering. She played a significant role in its overall success in creating awareness. In particular, the steps she took organizing the social media content was commendable, which included producing a video, liked by many on social media, that explained the significance of our first and second Autism Awareness themed police vehicles.

In addition, Det. Sergeant Torres’ diligence in conducting research and helping to implement the first two parts of the Guardian Program, consisting of the Autism Online Outreach Program, and the Autism Decal Program, was exemplary, resulting in citizens utilizing these programs to help improve the interactions between their loved ones and law enforcement. Det. Sergeant Torres provided key insights throughout the policy development of all parts of the Guardian Program and has developed the related training for the Training Unit to assign to all Uniformed personnel. She is currently in the process of finalizing the tracking device details, registering protocol for potential candidates, and safety measures. Her attention to detail in this regard is excellent and is sure to result in a process that will help the agency locate missing persons with disabilities.

Det. Sergeant Torres has also worked with the local Miami-Dade Fire/Rescue stations’ personnel to educate them on the above-listed programs to help them improve their interaction with individuals within the autism spectrum.

Det. Sergeant Torres’ dedication to these projects has been outstanding, and her work has helped to promote the Department's values of Unity and Empathy. Through her actions, Det. Sergeant Torres embodies our Department’s commitment to serving the community and promoting acceptance and understanding of individuals, including those on the autism spectrum. Her genuine care and work for the challenges suffered by others is worthy of commendation.

We proudly commend Det. Sergeant Torres for her steadfast dedication and commitment to the North Miami Police Department, its motto of “Making a Positive Impact,” and all its values of Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Courage, Unity and Empathy, and for her dedication to the service of others.