July 2020

During the months of June and July of 2020, the City of North Miami was impacted by a string of retail thefts. In response, the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) was tasked with implementing surveillance techniques and high visibility methods to reduce retail thefts and arrest offenders.

 On July 8, 2020, while conducting surveillance, Detective Zuniga noticed a suspicious male roaming the plaza. Detectives strategically positioned themselves to watch the male and revealed that he was going store to store, stealing merchandise. The CSU Detectives apprehended the suspect and detained the female driver and female passenger who were waiting for him in the car. The females were in possession of illicit narcotics and the vehicle had been reported stolen by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

 On July 27, 2020, while conducting surveillance, the CSU Detectives noticed a vehicle enter a parking lot, where a male passenger wearing a book bag exited a vehicle and ran into Walgreens. Moments later, the male exited Walgreens in a brisk manner. The CSU Detectives made investigative contact with the male and the driver of the awaiting vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the male with the book bag was in possession of marijuana and trafficking amounts of methamphetamines. The Detectives’ keen attention to detail, coupled with training and experience, led to the arrest of an illicit drug dealer. The CSU’s apprehension of two felonious wanted subjects, lead to the closure of four shoplifting cases at the Walgreens Liquor Store. The CSU affected several other shoplifting and fraud-related arrests at the RK Plaza. The CSU’s collaborative effort attributed to the overall reduction in thefts at Walgreens and the Walgreens Liquor Store during this time frame.

On July 02, 2020, the CSU conducted surveillance in the area of Sans Souci Boulevard and Biscayne Boulevard. Detective Sergeant Holmes noticed a suspicious-looking male looking into parked vehicles. CSU Detectives established surveillance, witnessed him unlawfully entering an unlocked vehicle, thwarted the suspect’s burglary, and quickly took him into custody.

 On July 27, 2020, the CSU assisted Uniform Patrol with a call of a male waving a firearm out the window of his vehicle while in traffic. The suspect’s vehicle matched the description of one involved in a shooting, earlier that day. Detective Jean-Baptiste located the vehicle and followed the vehicle until back-up officers arrived in the area. The suspect fled upon sight of marked police vehicles and later fled from the vehicle on foot. The male was detained and positively identified by a witness. The suspect had a bench warrant for felony battery and was wanted for questioning in relation to multiple homicides in the City of Miami.

 On July 29, 2020, Detective Becker recognized a suspect driving in traffic, who was wanted for Armed Robbery. Detective Becker followed the suspect’s vehicle and calmly coordinated a felony traffic stop, where the suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect was also wanted in connection to an Armed Robbery case in North Miami Beach. The CSU has exhibited the utmost level of teamwork, dedication, and professionalism towards their chosen profession. Their actions honor the North Miami Police Department’s motto of “Making a Positive Impact.”