Who needs a BTR?
  • All entities conducting business in the City of North Miami
Do I have to physically be located with in the City of North Miami to need a BTR?
  • No. If you are servicing customers with in our city boundaries then you still need a North Miami BTR.
What if I do not have a commercial space located in the City and I work from home?
  • If you are a home based business, provide a Home Industry Letter of Intent form (Must be notarized by Property Owner) along with the remaining requirements. The Home Industry Letter of Intent can be found by clicking the following link. (http://www.northmiamifl.gov/docs/btr_Home_Industry_Letter_Intent.pdf )
  • You may click here for more information on home based businesses
Do State Licensed Professionals need their own BTR?
  • Businesses that have licensed/certified professionals working in the establishment must also apply for their own business tax receipt separate from that of the business owner.
  • Some examples of these professionals include Medical Practices (every doctor and nurse), Beauty Salons (every cosmetologist and stylist), Barber shops (every barber), Law firms (every attorney and paralegal), Massage Parlors (every massage therapists), etc.
  • If the owner of a business is also a licensed/certified professional and is working in the business, then a personal BTR is needed in addition to the BTR for the business.
  • All that is needed to apply for these licensed/certified professionals is a BTR application, copy of their professional license/certificate, and a check or money order for the amount corresponding to their profession.
Do I need a Miami-Dade County Local Business Tax Receipt in addition to a North Miami Business Tax Receipt?
  • In addition to applying for a North Miami BTR, all businesses located in Miami-Dade County must also apply for a Local Business Tax (LBT) Receipt through Miami-Dade County. Please click here for more information or call 305-270-4949.
What if I am a non-profit? Do I still need a Business Tax Receipt?
  • Yes, but you do not pay for one. You will need to apply for and obtain a certificate of use first.  You can then apply for an Exempt BTR once you have been issued your Certificate of Use.  Include your 501(c)(3) documentation with the remaining requirements.
When can I apply for my North Miami Business Tax Receipt (BTR)?
  • Community Planning and Development will notify you once your Certificate of Use has been approved. At that time, you can begin the Business Tax Receipt application process. Your Certificate of Use and Business Tax Receipt will be released to you once the Business Tax Receipt application is approved
What else do I need to apply for a BTR besides the Certificate of Use?
  • Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to submit some or all of the following: Corporation, D/B/A, State Licensing, etc. You may click here for a complete list of possible requirements and call us to determine which your business will need.
Can I have multiple businesses in the same location? register multiple businesses from one location?
  • Yes, as long as you obtain a certificate of use for both businesses. A BTR will be required for each. 
How long does the BTR application process take
  • Generally it takes 24-48 hours once a completed BTR application is submitted. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
How do I close my business?
  • The BTR Office must be notified in writing, simply send an email to BTR@northmiamifl.gov. The account must be in good standing and the current year paid prior to closure.”
How can I make a change in my business name, address, Federal Employer Identification Number, nature of business, owner information?
  • The Certificate of Use must be updated prior to any updates being made to your BTR. Please reach out to Community Planning and Development for more information on updating your Certificate of Use, cuinfo@northmiamifl.gov . BTRs for individual licensed professionals (Doctors, Attorneys, Barbers, Cosmetologists, etc.) can simply notify the BTR Office in writing by sending an email to BTR@northmiamifl.gov.