North Miami Educational Foundation (NMEFI)


The North Miami Educational Foundation, Inc. (NMEFI) was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization, through which scholarships would be made available to support high school graduates in their pursuit of post-secondary education. As part of its mission, NMEFI aims to make higher education and learning a reality for North Miami students in need of an opportunity to attend college.

Scholarship Program

Beginning in 2014, the North Miami Educational Foundation, Inc. has administered a scholarship program, the only one of its kind throughout Miami-Dade County that is available exclusively to North Miami residents. The initial funds for the scholarships were generated from the City’s lease agreement with the developer, Oleta Partners, LLC.


In August 2012, the City entered into a 99-year lease agreement with Oleta Partners, LLC to convert a 183-plus acre site of undeveloped land, referred to as Biscayne Landing (now known as SoLé Mia), into a premiere project that will benefit North Miami’s residents and businesses. The developer was contractually obligated to a community benefits package which included the provision of $750,000 to support the vision of the North Miami Educational Foundation, Inc.

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  2. Board of Directors
  3. Required Criteria
  4. Scholarship

Online Application Form

Online Application form is available in the Spring of each year at North Miami website.

Completed online application form with all attachments must be received at NMEFI’s office by 5 PM, April 16, 2021. 

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered and any changes to circumstances regarding your application must be notified by you to the NMEFI, immediately.
  • Successful candidates must complete a re-application form each year if they choose to be considered for further financial support to complete their degree.

Important Guidelines and Submission Information

Please read our INFORMATION SHEET carefully (available online)

  • Ensure you have completely researched the university/college you wish to apply for
  • Have you researched the following and obtained permission where needed?
    • Cost/co-funding/financial aid 
    • Dates/availability
  • Make sure references/recommendations are valid and signed 
  • Make sure you complete this application fully with all the information requested
  • Make sure you give full and current contact details, including an e-mail address
  • Incomplete application forms without proper and full contact details will be disqualified
  • Application must be received by the North Miami Educational Foundation, Inc. no later than deadline indicated

In keeping with current environmental and economic conservation practices, the NMEFI application process is paperless (online).

For further information please contact NMEFI’s office at 305-895-9888, ext. 12109, or email Andrea McDonald or North Miami Educational Foundation.

Fill out the online application form

Application Deadline: Friday, April 16, 2021