Adaptation Action Area (AAA)

An Adaptation Action Area (AAA) is a planning tool that Resilient NoMiallows Miami-Dade County and municipal partners to work directly with community members to create a detailed adaptation plan for a focused area vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise. The current AAA study focuses on areas along Biscayne Canal Road.

The goals of the study are to: 

  • Gather and summarize background information. 
  • Analyze vulnerability of sea level rise, flooding, extreme heat, etc. 
  • Conduct community engagement to identify key flooding and sea level rise challenges and explore preferred solutions and projects 
  • Build on work of the Biscayne Bay Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP) to identify ongoing and planned capital projects across jurisdictions to enhance coordination 
  • Explore potential projects for grant applications 
  • Develop an Adaptation Plan outlining shared learnings, recommended projects and policies 

As part of its Resilient NoMi initiatives, the Community Planning Development Department is supporting the county’s Adaptation Action Area project. 

Arch Creek Basin Miami-Dade County 2016 (PDF)

Do you want to learn more about tracking flooding on your block?
Mark your calendars for October 10th or 12th and join Miami Dade County and @ISeeChange for an informative webinar to hear about the latest updates in the Little River & Biscayne Canal AAA’s. 

Residents are invited to register in advance for the upcoming webinars.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023
6:00 PM
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Thursday, October 12, 2023
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