Now you can pay your Certificate of Use fee, and Business Tax Receipt online, by visiting our E-Portal.

These are the instructions on how to register and process your application or renewal.

Renewing your Certificate of Use and your Business Tax Receipt

  1. Go to our E-Portal and select Citizen Services, Licensing.

    step 0
  2. Login or Register
    If you already have a login on this portal for your water account, or for permits you can use the same login.
    If you never access the system before you will need to register in order to renew your CU or BTR online.
    step 2-0
    • To login click on Registered Users
      Enter your User Name And Password and click Logon
      step 2-1-0
    • To register click on New Users and fill all the information
      step 2-2-0
      Click Next Step
      new users form validation
      Check that your information is correct and click on Register
    • Register your Certificate of Use (CU) in your profile
      On the Licensing main page, click on click here to register

      You will find your Customer Number and Business Name (as registered in our system) on your Notice of Renewal you received.
      You will need to enter the Business Name Exactly as it is listed in your notice (including commas, and dots if are any)
      step 3
      Click Connect Account - at this point you can correct if is any mistake in your Federal tax ID.
      Click Cancel Changes if is correct, or update the information if made changes, and send an email to with the reason why you change the information.
    • The following screen is presented to you
      step 5
  3. Click My licenses
    step 6
  4. Renew your CU
    Yellow highlighted record (this must match your CU Number)
    Renew your BTR
    Green highlighted record (this must match your BTR Number)
    Click on Renew this License


    step 7BTR

    BTR calculationIf any of the information on this page is incorrect please email us to before renewing your CU. or to for your BTR.
    For CU please make sure to click Edit button to update or confirm your email address. the CU will be emailed to you.
    For BTR, you will need to attach a copy of your Active Sunbiz registration ( LLC, Corp, fictitious name (DBA Name), etc.) and Active State Licenses, and proof of insurance (if applicable), we will validate the submitted documents, and will send you your BTR card by USPS mail.
  5. Click Calculate


    step 8BTR

    btr calculation
  6. Click Continue to make a payment, complete the information and click Make Payment
    step 9
  7. Once the payment is processed you will get a new page with your receipt. Your CU will be emailed to you in one or two business days.



    licensing receipt - upload filesYou need to select the type of document (red),you need to select the file(light blue), and click on upload file (purple)
    files type

  8. BTR

    uploaded filesafter uploading the file the following screen display, continue uploading the files that are required in your case, them click Finish when you are done.
  9. Your BTR will be mail to you ones documents are verify.