New Storm Surge Zones

Miami-Dade County has redefined areas that should plan for evacuation. A storm surge planning zones is an area that could potentially be affected by a storm surge of 1.5 feet or higher. Residents may have to evacuate or "shelter-in-place" depending upon the projected track and storm surge. To find out if you live in a storm surge planning zone, enter you address at the GIS website.  

  • American Red Cross Evacuation Centers: Miami-Dade County and the American Red Cross will designate public evacuation centers to open based on the storm’s strength and projected impact area. If you fell that your home is not safe or if you live in an evacuation zone, plan to evacuate. A public shelter is a last resort.
  • Emergency and Evacuation Assistance Program (E&EAP): Miami-Dade County offers the Emergency Evacuation Program to all residents of the County that have special needs. In order to receive assistance during an emergency, residents must register with the county prior to hurricane season. Additional information can be found at the Miami-Dade Fire page.
  • Emergency Evacuation Bus Pick-Up Sites: Miami-Dade Transit will activate specific bus pick up sites during an emergency evacuation. The pick-up site and buses will have signs that read "Emergency Evacuation". Emergency Evacuation Pick-up Sites (PDF)
  • Evacuation Zones: Any and all property located east of Biscayne Boulevard (US1) in North Miami falls within a designated evacuation zone, as determined by Miami-Dade County. It is recommended that residents of this area evacuate should a storm threaten our area. Depending upon the strength of the storm such an evacuation may be mandatory.