Employee Benefits

Salary: Direct deposit payment on a weekly basis. 

On-The-Job Injury Benefits: Worker's Compensation and Supplemental Pay Benefits, when applicable.

Probation Period: 1 Year

Merit Increase: Full-time employees are eligible for an annual merit increase.

Vacation: Two weeks per year; after five years, three weeks; after fifteen years, four weeks. Accumulation starts on the date of hire. 

Sick Leave: Ten days per year; after three years, 11 days; after five years, 12 days. Accumulation starts on the date of hire. There is a three-month waiting period for using sick time.

Holidays: Paid holidays, plus employee's birthday and two Floating/Personal Holidays.

Deferred Compensation: Optional employee contribution to 457 Deferred Compensation Plans offered through ICMA and Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC).

Employee Assistance Trust Fund: A trust fund set up by the City of North Miami to assist employees who are faced with unforeseen emergencies. Participation is on a volunteer basis.

Life Insurance: Valued at the employee's gross annual salary. Dependent coverage is available.

Group Health/Dental/Vision Insurance: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), point of service and dependent coverage are available.

Disability Insurance: Optional coverage available.

Pension: (Sworn Police Personnel) Mandatory participation. Defined benefit/Florida Retirement System (FRS).