Autism Outreach Program

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The North Miami Police Department's Autism Outreach Program is designed to help improve interactions and relationships between member(s) of the North Miami Police Department and our community members living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

North Miami residents now have the ability to voluntarily provide background information about their family members or themselves, if they are living with ASD. This information will help our officers be better prepared to understand any behavioral challenges that may exist when officers respond to a call for assistance at the residence listed on the outreach program form. The North Miami Police Department continues to strive for positive outcomes during interactions between our officers and those living with Autism. 

By clicking “I agree” at the end of the form (link below), the form will be sent directly to the North Miami Police Department's Communications Unit. The Communications Unit will input the information into our Autism Outreach Program database. The information provided on the form will be maintained in accordance with Florida Public Records laws. Any information that is confidential or exempt will not be released to the public.

*** To be enrolled in the Autism Outreach Program, you must reside in the City of North Miami ***

Autism Outreach Program Online Registration Form

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