Request For Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Parks & Recreation Department is always looking for the best and latest programming and services for our residents. If you offer a program, product or service you think might be a great fit for us, we'd like to hear about it!

We are accepting proposals from contractors, consultants and vendors interested in operating a recreation program or service at any of our parks or facilities. 

We evaluate potential classes/programs on demand/interest, facility availability and cost. 

Registration and Waivers

The City of North Miami, Parks and Recreation Department, handles all program registration. Patrons are required to sign waivers that release the City of North Miami from all liability. If your program is deemed to be of a hazardous nature to patrons, the City of North Miami may require you to purchase general liability insurance covering the City of North Miami. 

Fees and Instructor Payment

70% of program fees are paid to the instructor. Please adjust your proposed fees accordingly. Instructor’s pay = 70% (Class Fee). Instructors are paid based on the number of registrants received. Instructors are paid by the 4th week of the program/activity. 

Class Refund Policy

Refunds of registration fees will not be granted after the class has started. 

Program Promotion

As part of the instructor agreement between you and the City of North Miami Parks and Recreation Department, your program will be promoted using some or all of the following venues” 

  • Recreation Program Guide – The Recreation Program Guide is our seasonal program catalogue comprised of activities offered by the North Miami Parks and Recreation Department. It is produced in the spring, winter, and summer season and distributed to North Miami Residents. The Recreation Program Guide is also on the City of North Miami website 
  • Flyers – Flyers are made for certain programs and activities. They are posted at the recreation centers, library, city facilities, and local schools and businesses.
  • Photographs – We gladly accept photographs of your program to be used in our promotional media. Recreation staff will also take photographs of classes for future promotional purposes. 
  • Social Media Sites – Facebook, Instagram, City of North Miami Website 

Instructor Requirements

  • Instructors are required to pass a background check through the City of North Miami Police Department, and be cleared to teach before the program can begin. The background checks/fingerprints cost ($46.75) will be incurred by the instructor. 
  • A resume must accompany the program proposal to be held on file. 

Other Information to Consider

  • Classes often take a few sessions to gain popularity. Titles, class fees, class descriptions, etc. may be adjusted to help increase enrollment. If a program is canceled 3 consecutive sessions due to low enrollment, we may stop advertising, and revisit in a few sessions. 
  • The City of North Miami strictly adheres to the Americans with Disability Act requirements. In particular, the City will make reasonable accommodations for anyone to participate in any program or activity offered by the Parks and Recreation Department. 
  • You cannot uses classes to sell personal products or services. 
  • Can the facility accommodate the equipment you will need to provide the class?
  • Will the participants need to purchase extra supplies for the class? 

Please fill out the online Request for Proposals

Thank you for your interest in offering classes through the City of North Miami Parks and Recreation Department