Do Veterans receive any preference during the selection process?

In accordance with Florida Statute 295, the City of North Miami will award United States military veterans who meet the criteria stipulated in the aforementioned statute preference in employment. All applicants seeking veteran's preference are required to present a legible Form DD-214 in order to qualify. Applicants claiming disabled veteran's preference must also submit a letter from the Department of Defense or the Veteran's Administration that is less than oneyear old at the time of application which indicates that the applicant possesses a current, service-connected disability, and states the rating of same. Documents from the Veteran's Administration that reflect a permanent service-connected disability will be considered despite issue dates prior to one year. In addition to the Form DD-214, applicants who have been awarded combat campaign/expeditionary medals that are not reflected on the Form DD-214 must submit supplemental documents from the Department of Defense that demonstrate possession of a combat campaign / expeditionary medal by the closing date. All relevant documents must be submitted for the closing date in order to have preference awarded. For additional information concerning veterans' preference, please contact:

The Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs
By phone at: (727) 319-7462
By email:

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8. Do Veterans receive any preference during the selection process?