How can I calculate my individual financial obligation if the bond is adopted?

Visit the GO Bond Calculator page, where you'll find the GO Bond Debt Service Millage Calculation. This feature allows you to view and calculate assessed property values and annual tax payments. The website offers two types of bond calculators. The first calculator provides your average cost per year, based on your taxable home value. After completion of the Sole Mia project, we anticipate a reduced cost per household. The second calculator includes reduced post-Sole Mia project savings estimates.

The financial information listed on the website is based on estimates and assumptions. Actual costs, interest calculations, and millage assessments will not be final until the actual issuance of the debt and the tax millage are officially assessed.

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1. What is a General Obligation (GO) Bond?
2. How can I calculate my individual financial obligation if the bond is adopted?
3. What is the purpose of the City of North Miami’s proposed General Obligation Bond?
4. How much money will tax payers spend on the North Miami GO Bond?
5. If the bond is passed, what actions are required before the bond can be implemented?
6. What are the projects and the budget for each project?
7. How were bond-related projects selected?
8. Can bond funds be spent on salaries for staff and elected officials, day-to-day business operations, parties or events? What are authorized uses of bond funds?
9. How many years must North Miami tax payers contribute to the bond?
10. Will the bond proceeds be issued in installments or in one lump sum amount?
11. Will there be a bond oversight committee? If so, what is the purpose and how will you maintain transparency throughout the implementation process?
12. If North Miami residents vote to adopt the proposed GO Bond, when will bond-related projects begin?
13. The City of North Miami is slated to receive millions in ad valorem taxes from the Sole Mia project?
14. I am a North Miami business owner. I am not a North Miami homeowner. How will the bond impact me?