Workforce Training/Medical Certification Grant

Workforce Training, Contact Tracing/Medical Certification and Placement Assistance Grant Program Guidelines

Total Program Funding: $100,000 toward certification programs


The total labor force in North Miami is estimated at 31,497 persons. Data reveals that only 4% of North Miami’s population actually lives and works within the City. The vast majority of the labor force works outside of the City. A Housing and Workforce Assessment recently conducted by the Florida International University (FIU) Metropolitan Center revealed that the City’s labor force is primarily employed outside the City in industries such as: “educational services, health care and social assistance” (22.6 percent) followed by “arts, entertainment, and recreation and accommodation and food services” (20. 4percent) and “retail trade” (14.0 percent). All of these industries have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Florida Department of Labor, Florida received 181,293 unemployment claims for the week ending April 11, up from 169,885 from the week ending April 4. The state had a record 228,484 claims for week ending March 28, 2020. The state's unemployment claims website, run by the Department of Economic Opportunity, has been overwhelmed with applications, with the agency even resorting to issuing paper applications as an alternative to electronic submissions. Recent reports reveal that North Miami’s unemployment rate due to the Coronavirus shutdown is as high as 5%. With severe unemployment will come possible foreclosures and a reduction in tax revenues. 

With the changing market focused on infectious disease, health and information technology the City is now challenged to provide funding for residents through the Cares Act funds, provided by Miami-Dade County to respond to the current market demand for skilled labor in these industries. Targeted training and certification in these specialized areas can increase access to new jobs and put residents back to work. There is also opportunity for employment once the future University of Miami medical facility planned at Sole Mia comes online. 

The City seeks to partner with a local institution in Miami-Dade County to provide certification training and apprenticeship opportunities. These short-term training programs quickly prepare low to moderate income persons for work in areas such as infectious disease prevention, medical coding, phlebotomy and information systems to name a few. 

This workforce training program is intended to carry out job training to create a pool of health care workers and technicians that are available to treat disease within a community. Moreover, it is to increase the capacity and availability of targeted health services for infectious disease response within existing health facilities. 

Eligibility Requirement

Applicants of the Workforce Training, Contact Tracing/Medical Certification and Placement Assistance Grant Program Guidelines must be a North Miami resident residing within the City of North Miami limits. Grants are on a first come, first served basis. 

Maximum Grant Amount and Program Limits 

This grant will provide through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the local institution and the City in order to provide each low to moderate income student with a stipend of up to $500 to cover the cost of certification. Applicant must fall within the low to moderate income limits and guidelines.

  1. The program is subject to the City’s funding availability. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. 
  2. Submission of an application shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in the guidelines and the application. Acceptance of this application does not constitute a contract and does not obligate the City to award funds. 
  3. Payments will be made directly to the local institution to cover the cost of the certification.

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