Concrete Fence Permit & Inspection Requirements

The following is required for any permits that include the installation for Concrete fences that are not covered by a product approval.

It is the responsibility of the contractor of record to ensure all required inspections are called for:

  • Foundation

  • Electrical (if applicable)

  • Final

Applying for a Permit


Apply online by visiting our E-Portal site (coming soon)

In Person

You need the following documents computer filled and printed.

  • Fence Permit Application
  • Must provide job specific SIGN and SEALED plans. ( 2 copies)
  • Property Survey (2 copies - no highlight)

Bring it to our office located at:

12340 NE 8th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Notes :

  • All fences shall comply with the latest version of the Florida Building Code
  • Must provide site specific signed and sealed engineered plans

Single Family Residential District

  • Completely opaque fences or walls exceeding three (3) feet in height shall be prohibited in the required front yard setback. Opaque fences or walls shall be allowed in the required rear yard, side yard, or side street setback not exceeding six (6) feet in height and subject to the safe sight distance triangle requirements set forth in section 5-1211

Commercial/Industrial Districts

  • In all non-residential districts, no fence or wall shall exceed eight (8) feet in height, except that for commercial properties that abut single family neighborhoods no fence or wall may exceed six (6) feet in height