Dumpster Enclosure Permit & Inspection Requirements

The following is required for any permits that include the installation for Dumpster Enclosures that are not covered by a product approval.

It is the responsibility of the contractor of record to ensure all required inspections are called for:

  • Foundation

  • Electrical (if applicable)

  • Final

Applying for a Permit


Apply online by visiting E-Portal site (coming soon)

In Person

You need the following documents computer filled and printed.

Bring it to our office located at:

12340 NE 8th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 3:00 pm

North Miami’s Code of Ordinances requires all dumpsters to be enclosed. Each enclosure shall:

  1. Be constructed on a concrete slab, asphalt surface or impervious pavers.
  2. Have walls that are a minimum of 5 ft. and a maximum of 6 ft. in height.
  3. Shall be constructed of masonry (CBS wall); wood fencing; metal/aluminum/PVC; the materials should be painted to match the primary structure.
  4. Have an access gate of sufficient size to remove the container from the enclosure. **Please note that the gate cannot open into a drive lane or across the sidewalk**.
  5. Have a working lock on the gate. The gate must be closed and secured at all times when the trash is not being emptied.
  6. An impervious area shall be provided for the area between the enclosure and the street, alley or other public right of way from which the container will be serviced.

The following examples are of acceptable enclosure design and meet all of the above requirements.

The property owner may submit  alternative designs  for approval; and the Building Official, and or his/her designee shall make said approval.

A Building Permit is required for the construction of a Dumpster Enclosure.

A Property Survey with the location of the Proposed Dumpster Enclosure is required as a component of a complete application.

The following graphics are sample