Risk Management

The Risk Management Department's mission is to identify risks, assess and implement effective measures, including risk transfer, to minimize exposures. This is being accomplished through the administration of a comprehensive and effective Risk Management program that seeks to protect the assets, financial interests, the community and employees of the City of North Miami.


The city's fully insured automobile and general liability program is handled directly by Risk Management. Workers' Compensation claims are handled by a third-party administrator hired by the city. Recovery for losses sustained by the city due to the negligence of others are pursued by Risk Management through the subrogation program.

Risk Management promotes a culture of safety, ensuring that employees receive continuous training in proper safety methods and that working environments are reasonably safe from hazards. Administration of the DriveCam program along with safety incentives are tools used to instill a culture of safety.

You may contact staff to report a hazard or for guidance in situations where you believe the city has a responsibility in a loss.


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