Pet Safety

Remember, most evacuation centers will not accept pets. So Cat and a dogmake plans in advance to board your pets in an animal shelter or with friends. If you plan to ask a friend, be sure to ask in advance. Make certain that your friend lives in an area that is not expected to be affected by the storm. Ask if their home would be open to you and/or your pet should a storm threaten. 

Do Not Leave Your Pet

Do not leave your pet home during a hurricane. A secure room and a few day’s food and water do not necessarily mean safety for your pet. Many people returned home after a storm incident to find their pets missing. Keep a current picture of your pet for identification purposes.

After the Storm

After the storm, take caution in allowing your pet outdoors after the storm has passed. Familiar scents and landmarks will have been altered and your pet may become confused or lost. Downed power lines also present real dangers. 

Take precautions not to allow your pet to consume food or water which may have become contaminated.