Rebates & Incentives


The City of North Miami, Public works Department wants to inform the residents of North Miami that they can also participate in receiving the rebates that are being offered from the Miami Dade County water conservation program. View more information on rebates.

Water Conservation Incentive Programs

Commercial Restaurant Spray Valve Exchange Program

The City of North Miami is implementing a New Restaurant Spray Valve Exchange program to conserve more water in the City of North Miami. We are providing low-flow restaurant pre-rinse valves to local restaurants, and cafeterias in exchange for their old water wasting spray valves to reduce their water consumption. Valves are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Residential Showerhead Exchange Program

Replacing your showerhead with a new high efficiency fixture can cut your water use in half. Bring us your old showerhead and we will give you a brand new, easy to install showerhead fixture.

Fixtures can be exchanged at the following location:
North Miami City Hall - Utility Billing Office
776 NE 125 Street
First floor
North Miami, FL 33161

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm


For more information please contact the Utility Billing Division at 305-895-9880.