Citizens' Investigative Board

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MemberAppointed ByAppointed DateTerm Ending
VacantMayor Bine-AimeN/AN/A
VacantCouncilman GalvinN/AN/A
VacantCouncilwoman TimotheN/AN/A
VacantCouncilwoman Estimé-IrvinN/AN/A
VacantCouncilman DesulmeN/AN/A
VacantChief of PoliceN/AN/A

Member Information

This Board is comprised of seven (7) members. Each City Councilmember appoint one member, one member to be appointed by the Mayor and Council at-large, and one member appointed by the Chief of Police.

About the Committee

The City of North Miami Citizens Investigative Board (CIB) was established by City Ordinance 1455 on July 14, 2020. The purpose of the board is to ensure that public safety is the top priority for the City Administration to attract growth, encourage economic development and maintain a high quality of life for all citizens and residents.