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North Miami, FL – 3/28/2018

North Miami residents are slated to cast ballots for the proposed NoMi General Obligation Bond, during a special election on Tuesday, May 1. Early voting will run from Thursday, April 26 – Sunday, April 29.  Voting will take place from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the North Miami Public Library, 835 NE 132nd Street, North Miami.   

The intent of the proposed NoMi GO Bond Referendum is to finance the acquisition, construction, renovation and improvement of various capital improvement projects, payable through the City of North Miami’s full faith credit and ad valorem taxing power. The proposed bond will not exceed $120 million, nor will it mature beyond 30 years of the date of issuance.   

If passed, the NoMi GO Bond would finance improvements to public and recreational facilities, infrastructure and sustainability, community policing and technology, along with affordable housing. A proposed $10 million is allotted for acquisition and construction of affordable single-family and multi-family housing. For infrastructure and sustainability, $31 million is proposed for improvements to sidewalks, street resurfacing, landscaping, lighting, green space, transit, drainage and resiliency projects. A total of $2 million is proposed for technological enhancements geared toward community policing, safety, police equipment, servers, Wi-Fi, security cameras, broadcasting and emergency operations. City Administration proposes $77 million focused on public and recreational facilities, including a governmental complex, parking garage construction, community centers, a new sports complex and other park improvements.  

Feb. 13, North Miami’s Mayor and Council voted unanimously to proceed with the special election. Prior to the Feb. 13 vote, City Administration hosted several public information and input sessions for residents. Currently, administration is facilitating a community education campaign focused on the proposed bond.   

For the latest information about the City of North Miami’s proposed GO Bond, including the bond estimation calculator, visit
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