Public Works Department - Fleet Maintenance (Motor Pool)

  Jeff Geimer
Capital Project Manager - Fleet
305.895.9874 Ext.14004

To maintain and repair all vehicles, moving equipment, and most small equipment owned by the city. To continue the preventative maintenance program in order to reduce downtime and costly repairs. To operate and maintain a centralized fueling facility.

Motor Pool Operation: Provide Provides fueling, repairs and preventative maintenance to approximately four hundred and seventy (470) vehicles paid pieces of equipment in the City’s fleet.

Parts Supply: Maintains an inventory of vehicle parts and processes approximately fifty (50) vehicle work orders weekly including; processing daily repair orders and monitoring all computerized transactions to the fleet parts Management System.

Fuel Service to Other Municipalities: Provide Compress Natural Gas (CNG), which is sold to the municipality of Bay Harbor Islands that do not have their own facilities for a fee covering the cost of fuels plus an administrative charge established by formal agreement.

Definition: CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

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