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First Time Home Buyer Program

The City of North Miami offers assistance on a first-come, first-processed basis (while funding is available) to first-time homebuyers purchasing a single family home, town house or condominium in the City of North Miami. Funding is provided by HUD through the HOME Program (up to $40,000) and by the State of Florida through the SHIP Program (up to $25,000) which can be used to “fill the gap” or subsidize the difference between the price of the house to be purchased and the amount of the private sector mortgage that the buyer can afford along with their available funds for down payment. The amount of HOME or SHIP funding received per applicant will be based upon their ability to repay a private lender loan.

Income eligible households are offered financing in the form of a zero interest forgivable deferred loan and assisted units are required to meet the affordability period requirements of seven (7) years for the SHIP program or up to fifteen (15) years for the HOME Program.

 The prospective homebuyer must also meet the following criteria:

  • Has not owned a home in the last three (3) years except in the case of some exceptions such as divorce, work transfer from out of state, or sudden disability which makes current housing inaccessible.

  • The applicant must have sufficient income to secure a private loan, repay debt and maintain housing unit

You will also be required to attend an 8-hour Homebuyer Education Workshop and obtain a certificate of completion which will be valid for 1 year from the date of completion. You may contact one of the following agencies to get more information on the date and time of workshops or visit website for other HUD approved agencies.

  1. Nanay Community Center                          Ph: 305.981.3232

  2. Experts Resources Community Center        Ph: 305.652.7616

  3. Global Empowerment Development Corp     Ph: 786.262.9991




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