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North Miami and Film

North Miami has continuously been a popular place for location-shoot in the South Florida region and was known as the Film Capital of the South! Every year, dozens of film, video and photography projects take place in public spaces around the City. Film has always been a powerful vehicle for culture, education, leisure and propaganda and even fuels economic well-being. A few well-known film projects that have been done within our municipality are Burn Notice, Graceland, Nickelodeon television shows, Adidas and Gatorade commercials just to name few. All projects are located in different areas throughout the City, additional locations can be suggested upon request.

For a complete list of recent film productions in North Miami, please click here.

Film Permit Process

In addition to submitting a completed film permit application, applicants must submit the following:

  • Payment (check or money order made out to The City of North Miami)

  • Certificate of Liability

  • Letter of Intent

  • Image of film area including location of equipment, trucks, off-duty officers, etc.

  • Letter of Authorization (If necessary)

Once submitted, it will take about three days for the finalized permit. Once all signatures have been approved, you will be contacted by the Economic Development Manager, so that you may receive your permit via e-mail or pick it up in the Community Planning & Development office. 


The City of North Miami offers pre-production and production incentives for qualified projects and subject to funding availability. For full description and requirements for North Miami film incentives, please see pages 4-5 of the film regulations and pages 5-6 of the film permit application

Pre-Production Incentives

Investment Reimbursement
Any production, to be filmed in the City that invests in North Miami businesses within the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency Boundary may be entitled to 30% reimbursement of total expenditures over $10,000 up to $50,000.

Parking/Base Camp
Any production to be filmed in the City that invests more than $20,000 in North Miami businesses, may be given free and/or reserved parking during production. Any production to be filmed in the City that invests more than $50,000 in North Miami business may be given free and/or reserved space to use as a “Base Camp” during production.

Production Incentives
For productions with more than twelve crew members and a budget of more than $30,000, fees for use of City facilities such as parks, community centers, and other public locations may be waived. For productions with budgets over $100,000, administrative fees for hiring off-duty Police officers may be waived.

To obtain reimbursement, production companies must submit invoice(s) with a description of expenses including itemized receipts/paid invoices. See the film permit application for details.


The State of Florida and Miami-Dade County offer additional incentives for film production.

To view Miami-Dade County incentives, please click here

To view State of Florida sales tax exemption and transferable tax credit incentives, click here

Available Film Resources

Greenwich Studios
12100 NE 16 Ave. #100
North Miami, FL 33161

Continental Film & Digital Lab
1998 NE 150 St.
North Miami, FL 33181

Florida Film Institute
640 NE 124 St.
North Miami, FL 33181

Stage Equipment & Lighting
12250 NE 13 Ct.
North Miami, FL 33161

Audio Vision Studios
13385 W. Dixie Hwy
North Miami, FL 33161

Hit Factory Criteria
1755 NE 149 St.
North Miami, FL 33181

Ford Foundation Next-Generation Documentary Filmmakers
TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund
Latino Public Broadcasting Open Call Funding
Public Broadcasting Service – POV for Documentaries
Sundance Institute Documentary Fund
Miami Beach Cultural Tourism Grant Program
WIFF Film Finishing Fund
Women Make Movies Production Assistance Program


Places of Interest to Film
Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

1725 NE 135 St.
Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA)

770 NE 125 St.

Arch Creek Park
Historically Designated on the National Historic Registry

1855 NE 135 St.

Joe Celestin Center
Home of the Miami Heat Learn & Play Center

1525 NW 135 St.




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