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  1. Does the City Attorney represent individuals in the community/public?
    No. The City Attorney’s Office represents the issues of the public as a whole and therefore cannot represent the interest of any individual resident, employee or Councilmember. The City Attorney provides legal advice to the City Council, City Manager, all City departments and boards on a variety of legal proceedings.

  2. Can the City Attorney refer or recommend an attorney to represent North Miami residents or community member?
    No. The City Attorney cannot refer or recommend an attorney to any member of the public. If you are seeking legal representation, please search the Florida Bar website for an attorney by the area of law needed. Visit for more information.

  3. Can the City Attorney give legal advice to North Miami residents or members of the public?
    No. The City Attorney is prohibited from giving legal advice to any one member or group in the community.

  4. Will the City Attorney answer my questions if they know that I am represented by an attorney?
    No. The City Attorneys are licensed by the Florida Supreme Court and must adhere to the rules established by the Court to govern all Florida attorneys. The Florida rules do not allow an attorney to communication with someone that is being represented by another attorney.

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