Welcome to Code Compliance Department

811 NE 125 Street
North Miami, FL 33161
Telephone: 305-895-9832
Fax: 305-899-9351

Weekends and after hours Telephone: 305-895-9833
Office Days/Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Officer on duty:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Leave a message at 305-895-9833

To report a code violation please e-mail: codecomplaints@northmiamifl.gov

Krystal Cordo
Code Compliance Manager
Telephone: 305-895-9832
E-Mail: kcordo@northmiamifl.gov
John Lorfils
Contract Compliance Manager
Telephone: 305-895-9832
E-Mail: jlorfils@northmiamifl.gov

The purpose of the Code Compliance Unit is to investigate complaints and enforce violations of Municipal, County, and State codes, rules, regulations, and laws relating to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our division is responsible for the enforcement of building code, land development regulations, minimum housing standards, building recertification, residential re-occupancy codes, certificate of use regulations, and business tax regulations as they apply and pertain to the City of North Miami.

Our Code Compliance Officers patrol all areas of the city, responding to complaints about code violation, and pro-actively looking for violations in their assigned patrol zones. When an officer views a code violation, the officer immediately makes contact with the property owner to discuss the violation and mutually decide upon the time frame needed to bring the violation into compliance.

Code violations that are not resolved within the time frame agreed to by the officer and property owner are referred to our Code Enforcement Board or to our Code Enforcement Special Magistrate for review and appropriate action.  If a property owner fails to comply with an issued Order to Comply, the property owner may be assessed a daily fine and other costs until the violation is resolved.

In addition, our officers are authorized by City Codes to issue Civil Violation Tickets to property owners for serious code violations, such as building without permits, unmaintained swimming pools, violation of Minimum Housing Standards, and other health and life safety violations.

When our officers view a vacant, abandoned or neglected property that is in need of mowing, cleaning or other services, then we issue appropriate work orders to other city departments and contract vendors to perform the necessary work.  The costs for the performed work are then billed to the property owner and recorded in the Public Records as a lien against the property.

Our Code Compliance Officers and staff work very hard to help maintain the cleanliness, safety and living standards of the city.  We ask all residents and business operators to cooperate with us by following the applicable codes, laws, rules and regulations.

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